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What is Aligner insider?

  • Video resources that give you the confidence to treat Invisalign cases from the simple to the most complex by the industry's foremost experts
  • Video presentations that help you get your problematic Invisalign cases back on track
  • Video based marketing advice and tips to help you position your practice as the Elite Invisalign provider in your area
  • Video training for your patient and treatment coordinators on how to dramaticallyincrease your conversion rates for Invisalign starts
  • New video lessons each month to keep your practice up to date on the latest techniques and trends in the industry

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Video Library

  • Basic Aligner Principles
  • Teeth Movement With Aligners
  • Attachment Management
  • Advanced Treatment Planning and Troubleshooting with ClinCheck®
  • Case Selection
  • Open and Deep Bite Cases
  • Class I, II, & III Case Studies
  • Crowding and Spacing Cases
  • Complex Case Management
  • Educate Patients on Treatment
  • Patient Communication
  • Staff Training For Your Practice
  • Office System Efficiency
  • Streamline Case Management
  • Get More Referrals
  • Be Found First On Google
  • Websites That Increase Consultation
  • Reputation Management
  • Turn Social Media in your Favor

Meet The Team

  • Invisalign
    Dr. Barry J Glaser

    Dr. Barry J. Glaser received his DMD degree from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and earned his Certificate of Advanced G...

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  • Marketing
    Dean Steinman

    Dean Steinman received his Bachelors Degree from The University of Maryland and upon graduation went right into the field of Marketing. For the fi...

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In Print

The Insider’s Guide to Invisalign®

Treatment A Step-by-Step Guide To Assist You With Your ClinCheck® Treatment Plans

Do you really know what to look for in your Invisalign® treatment plans? After reading this book, you will never look at a ClinCheck® plan the same! The Insider’s Guide to Invisalign® will be available April 2017. Learn More Here


  • A simple to follow 10 step method to ClinCheck® design
  • How to “over engineer” your ClinCheck® plans to achieve excellent results
  • How to recognize potential treatment pitfalls before they occur and more...
  Learn More
Guide to Invisalign

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Aligner Insider has created a Facebook Group Chat. This forum is designed as an additional educational opportunity for our members. Join us and share with other orthodontia professionals as well as our team members, your questions and experience with invisalign.

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