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  • Pearls of Invisalign Wisdom

    Pearls of (Invisalign) Wisdom

    Posted by:Date:9/180

    By Barry J. Glaser, DMD I have been treating patients with Invisalign® for almost 10 years. Over that time, I have learned a great deal about moving teeth with plastic aligners. In addition, I have also made just about every practice management mistake there is. Here, I have compiled my top 10 Invisalign management pearls that I […]

  • Recommend Invisalign to Patients

    5 Invisalign Benefits

    Posted by:Date:9/180

    64% of adults feel that their teeth currently have some sort of bite problem or crooked teeth. 44% of all adults said that straightening their teeth would make them feel more confident. However, many adults think braces are unsightly and bulky, so they avoid seeking treatment for crooked teeth. It is important to communicate to […]

  • Glaser Call in the Coach

    Calling in the Coach

    Posted by:Date:18/180

    Published on March 16, 2017 By Barry J. Glaser, DMD Invisalign® clear aligner technology is growing in the number of patients treated annually. According to the Align Technology Annual Report, the statistics regarding patient adoption rates worldwide now show over 4 million patients have used Invisalign technology to straighten their teeth. Orthodontists should wisely consider this growing marketplace […]

  • A graphic representation of the basic Class II setup using Invisalign Teen and elastics.

    An Everyday Treatment

    Posted by:Date:10/180

    By Barry J. Glaser, DMD In the United States, only 6% of all teens undergoing orthodontic treatment are being treated with Invisalign®, from Align Technology Inc. Furthermore, a small minority of those patients have Class II malocclusions. For me, these statistics are fascinating for several reasons. First, teen patients tend to have healthier oral cavities […]

  • From Skeptic to Elite

    Posted by:Date:2/170

    By Phyllis Hanlon and Alison Werner | Photography by Rachel McGraw For the first decade of Barry J. Glaser’s private practice, he was like every other orthodontist around. His practice centered on treating patients with traditional brackets and wires. And those tools dictated not only how he treated patients, but how he did business—from staffing […]

  • Glaser_Alignerinsider

    Dr Glaser’s 10 Commandments of Attachment Design

    Posted by:Date:2/170

    By Barry J. Glaser, DMD If you are a frequent reader of Orthodontic Products, you already know that I treat approximately 75% of my patients with Invisalign® from Align Technology Inc. What you may not know is that I spend considerable time and effort customizing each and every ClinCheck® plan. Over the past 10 years, […]