Dr. Willy Dayan

Invisalign-classDr. Dayan’s Toronto practice provides all techniques of orthodontic services: Invisalign, Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s), porcelain and metal braces, lingual braces, TMD and bruxism appliances.In addition to his full-time private practice in orthodontics, Dr. Dayan is also a clinical instructor of Orthodontics. Histeaching expertise lies in areas of: Invisalign, Esthetic Adult Orthodontic Techniques,and Rehabilitative Orthodontics in preparation for Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentistry, Patient Interviews and Treatment Presentation Skills. He has been a guest lecturer at multiple conventions and meetings worldwide and continues to lecture at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Toronto on regular basis.

Dr. Dayan became an Invisalign provider in the fall of 1999, has treated over 2500 cases, and coached over 5,000 ClinChecks in his coaching site. He is currently an Elite Premier Provider.Dr. Dayan is a registered speaker for Invisalign and currently teaches orthodontists and dentists internationally how to use Invisalign to achieve excellent results even in the most challenging cases. He is a member of the Invisalign Clinical Studies Group involved in research and development of new and effective Invisalign techniques.

Dr. Dayan also coaches many clinicians about their own Orthodontic cases, helping them to customize their own orthodontic and ClinCheck treatment plans for their individual patients, through his website: www.yourorthocoach.com and www.yourortholibrary.com