Laura Cafik-Martin

Cafik-Martin-home-page-shotLaura Cafik-Martin received her Dental Assistant Diploma in 1997, her Level II Diploma in 2003 and the Orthodontic Module Diploma in 2008.  She joined Dr. Willy Dayan’s Orthodontic Team in 2003 as a records coordinator and three months later took over the Treatment Coordinating position. Laura made the role her own by implementing systems that focused on bringing hospitality into the practice.  She quickly grew her conversion rates beyond the practice’s expectations.  Laura attributes a lot of her success to Dr. Dayan.  “His leadership promotes empowerment amongst our staff, which in turn gives us the sense of ownership and drive to succeed beyond our expectations.”

Laura Cafik-Martin has worked alongside Dr. Willy Dayan since the beginning of his aligner use.  Since then, they have helped over 2500 patients achieve their goals with Invisalign.  They continue working together at City Orthodontics in Toronto, Ontario.

Laura Cafik-Martin began lecturing in 2014.  She quickly became popular with her enthusiastic teaching methods.  Laura is now a registered speaker for Invisalign, a coach with OCEC and Cafik-Martin Coaching. She is “on tour” monthly and has spoken at such events as the 2014 Invisalign Summit, 2016 Invisalign Summit, The Shulman Group Meeting, and will be speaking at the American Association of Orthodontist Annual Meeting (2017/2018.)