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Dr. Glasers assistance is first class. His suggestions are easy to understand, simple and straight forward. He explains the issues, the corrections necessary and most important, why. He is very knowledgeable regarding orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning and how the aligners work to create movement. Blending the two together, his clincheck assistance is straight forward, easy, and the plans make sense. All of his assistance is done in a non-threatening, non derogatory manner. First rate.

Scott L. Kesselman – Riverside Orthodontics, Riverside, CT

I had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Glaser following one of his lectures a few years ago. I had recently graduated from orthodontic residency and was attempting to incorporate Invisalign into my practice. I knew I had much to learn and was looking for a mentor for guidance and to help me get started. Dr. Glaser took me under his wing and shared his valuable practice pearls. He educated me as to how to think about Invisalign, and how to manipulate the ClinCheck set-ups to get the outcomes I desired. He shared his cases and experiences and encouraged me to use Invisalign when I didn’t think it was possible. His instruction was fundamental in helping me become one of the fastest growing Invisalign providers in Seattle. His kindness and sense of humor always had me looking forward to learning from him.

Dr. Sara Cassidy – Green Lake Orthodontics, Seattle WA

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Glaser. His online Invisalign tutorial interface is user friendly and the instruction is structured and integrative.

I enjoyed Dr Glaser’s relaxed vocal style; elegantly he navigates you thru the case, reviewing the case from large scale mechanical systems to details of attachment selection and design. I recommend Dr Glaser for use in case review, especially those involving complex mechanics.

Viktoria P. Talebian, DMD

Dean truly understands the marketing needs of an orthodontic practice.

Dr. Ana Espinoza Castilla

Comprehensive sense of professionalism, friendliness.

Josephine Altucher

Dean and his team are simply the best.

Dr. Jerek B. Petrous